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Being a hippie chick of the 1960s and 1970s I grew up with a “fuck the rules” attitude.

I ran from Chicago’s Finest during the Sly Stone riot in Grant Park when the band didn’t show up to play.  I also ran away at 16.  

Seeing Martin Luther King get hit in the head with a brick when he marched for open housing in my neighborhood and watching on TV the war zone that was the 1968 Chicago Democratic Convention pretty  much radicalized me at a young age.

So me and most rules?  Yeah, not so much.  They make me very itchy.  And it’s the same way with Yoga.  Although I spent 10 years going back and forth to India to the Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram, a Yoga school one can consider traditional, I still march to the beat of my own drummer.  That’s why Erich Schiffmann’s Freedom Style Yoga and Paulie Zink’s Yin Yoga feel so right to me.

An anarchist is someone who rebels against authority, the established order, or ruling power.  I’ve been called a Maverick, a Yoga Subversive, and a Fierce Voice in the Yoga Blogosphere so I dig the idea of Yoga Anarchy.  But you have to know the rules before you can break them.  Like the way a jazz musician studies the traditional way of making music for years then one day starts playing free form jazz and blows peoples’ minds.

Are you a Yoga Maverick? Do you color outside the lines? Do you hate being put in a typical Yoga box?  Do you explore your own personal Yoga?  Join the Yoga Anarchist Movement and fly your Yoga Freak flag high.  


When I sell 5 then they are printed and shipped.  The font is simple as befitting a no frills anarchist but on the back of both the men’s and women’s shirts there’s a fuchsia lotus design that represents my business logo.

The ancient Yogis, the sramanas, broke away to do their own thing, rejecting Vedic Hindu ritualism and the authority of the Hindu priests.

So do your own thing and tell the world you’re a Yoga Anarchist.


the latest news


My students and LYJ readers have asked me for years to make a T shirt for my yoga business, Metta Yoga: Mind-Body Education, and they are finally here, finished today!

The letters mimic the logo font on my new website.  I chose this color because to me green represents EARTH — ECOLOGY — RENEWAL — NATURE — PRAKRITI.

Each one is individually silk screened by hand and is a unique piece of T shirt art, no two exactly alike, and made in America, not China.

I am not making a ton of money from the sale of these shirts.  They are $49.00 (that price includes shipping within the United States) and I will donate $5 from each shirt purchased to the ANIMAL RESCUE CORPS, an organization that saves dogs from fight rings and puppies from puppy mills.  A different charity will be chosen every few months ranging from Native American to women’s to animal charities.  Buying a shirt is COMPASSION IN ACTION so your donation from each shirt shows that you have group, rather than individual, mentality and that is wonderful for the world.

Seven shirts have already been sold sight unseen and I am humbled that two will go outside the USA.  The shirts are not your average yoga T shirt but those who know me know that I could never sell anything average anyway.

The 100% cotton jersey unisex shirts are pre-shrunk and I will have 20 medium, 20 large, and only 5 small and 4 XL.  View the American Apparel size chart here.

Leave a comment or email me at linda AT metta-yoga DOT com and we can arrange payment via Paypal.

In other news, the book that I was interviewed for in 2011 finally came out earlier this year.  Conversations with Modern Yogis features famous yoga teachers such as Erich Schiffmann, David Life and Sharon Gannon, Rodney Yee, Richard Freeman, Richard Rosen…and me.

Author and photographer Zubin Shroff contacted me three years ago and asked to interview me.  I was shocked speechless because I’m a full-fledged yoga nobody, certainly no rock star yoga teacher.  He contacted me because of this blog, calling me a fierce voice in the yoga blogosphere that needed to be heard.  I am honored and humbled to be considered a thought leader in North American yoga.  Now if I could only get people to pay for private yoga classes.

  “Presented with Shroff’s large format black and white portraits, Conversations with Modern Yogis highights the diversity of North America’s yoga thought leaders. The collection, guided by the wisdoms of many notable contributors, showcases the innovation, dedication and thoughtful rigor that can be found in contemporary yoga practices. Visually and narratively, this book moves the conversation about “the state of yoga” way beyond the mainstream depiction of “pretty young things” in the yoga workout studio.”

It’s an excellent book and not just because I’m in it.

Buy a shirt and get a new yoga book.